We’re a five man “Live Rock n’ Roll Show” that will get you dancing and having fun.
The band is from San Diego and performs throughout Southern California, U.S.A.


Since 1998, front man with a personality, Myron Frame along with prolific melody song writer and lead guitarist Pat Reynolds have hashed it out, cut it up and continue to “rock the house”. Pat’s brother Tracy Reynolds joined in, adding his rhythm guitar and great vocals to round out the trio that has been performing together since. The band later brought on Bryce Greschke pounding the drums and vocals along with Dale Cooper bringing on the thunder bass and vocals to complete their rhythm section.

With influences including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, Van Morrison, Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Wilson Picket and many more, Myron & The Kyniptionz bring a unique blend of covering the covers and “Kyniptionizing” of songs to make them more fun. You’ll often catch Myron dancing on the bar, spinning on his back on the floor and grabbing fans to dance and sing with.

Well, we did it again… created another album of cover songs. Check it out at Classics 3
Classics 2 and Classics 3 are available for streaming on Rdio, Spotify and can be purchased on iTunes and GooglePlay.